Beauty: Beautiful shiny hair

Who doesn’t want beautiful hair… an open door. Beautiful shiny hair represents youth, health and success. The fact that beautiful hair can now often be obtained from a jar or other aids apparently does not detract from the fact that the basic principles still seem to be relevant. If this is a given, you can also see what you can do to perfect the beautiful hairpiece for yourself.

Beautiful, clean hair

Starting from a basic principle, namely clean hair, there is still plenty you can do in a relatively simple way to make the hair more beautiful. It should also be noted that clean hair does not necessarily have to be washed every day. In fact, it is better to wash it as little as possible. And by as little as possible I mean that you have clean hair and a clean scalp.

Too much washing is not good for the scalp and you need a very mild shampoo to wash your hair every day without any damage. Get proper information from a professional, because not every shampoo can be used every day without causing damage.

Choose what suits you

If you do seek advice from a professional, be sure to ask carefully about exactly what hair type you have. For example, many people quickly think that they have oily hair, but it turns out to only be an oily scalp. You can seriously damage the ends of your hair if you use it incorrectly.

Pimp up your hair

If you are now working on your hair to make it even more beautiful and shinier, consider using oil-based styling products for longer hair. Not too much, because that makes the hair heavy, but squeezing a styling product with oil into the hair will make the frizzy and dry-looking hair suddenly look shinier. In addition, blond hair often looks a little fluffier and blond hair has a finer structure, so never take too much of the product.

Pure nature

Allowing it to air dry is always best for your hair, but if you do use the hair dryer or tongs, make sure you place a kind of filter around the hair with a styling product. This way the hair is not damaged and it helps to create that curl or straight hairstyle.
If you want that wave or curl and put papillotes in the hair, the hair will shine more when it is dry. If you want to keep the wave or curl a little longer, it is a good idea to add a styling product. This can be done in advance, but also once the papillote has been added (usually in a spray).

Styling for everyone

There is a styling product for every shape you want to get in your hair. And besides the fact that it must be equipped with a filter to protect your hair, it must also be tailored to your hair type. Straight and fine hair must be styled differently than the curl or wave in the hair.

The well-known hairdressers and drugstore brands all have multiple lines, so that if you have good advice about your hair, you can choose your own products.

Hair facts

    • Care products from a line certainly reinforce each other. This is not a sales pitch. So if you take multiple products, take them from one line.
    • Rinse your washed hair with cold water. This is a boost for your hair and makes it shine more.
    • Dead spots are disastrous. So if you style your hair with the right products, but you don’t remove the dead ends, you are largely doing it for nothing.
    • Conditioner makes your hair limp. Nonsense, with the right product it only complements the shampoo. Makes your hair easier to comb and shinier.
    • Always comb your hair with a large wide-toothed comb after washing. This prevents the fragile hair from breaking.
    • A perfect natural product that makes shine is vinegar.
    • After washing, do not rub your scalp dry, but pat it. This is better for your hair.


Hair products are available in all price ranges. With some simple remedies you can go a long way and in combination with a positive mind you will shine completely.

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