Beauty: Your body in winter mode

We always talk about preparing everything and anything for winter, but in fact this also applies to yourself. As a human being you are also entering winter time and that will only happen to your body.


Fortunately, many of these changes occur naturally and you may not even notice them. Think of it as a kind of rest position that the human body also partly ends up in. But if there is something going on that the person finds less pleasant, he/she will of course find a solution. That’s just how we are wired. Some changes that we can let take their course and some where we can give nature a helping hand.

To grow or not?


For some things it is perfect that growth is slower. Consider, for example, the growth of hair. Head hair is a shame for some people, because they want to let it grow, and a blessing for others, because then the model stays in shape longer and you don’t have to go to the hairdresser so quickly.
But delayed hair growth is especially nice when it comes to hair where you don’t actually want it. Just think of the armpits, legs and pubic area. In the summer you have to work hard to keep everything neatly in line (at least if you haven’t had it removed permanently), but in the winter all that hair grows significantly less. So pleasant!


Enthusiasm about reduced nail growth is also divided. On the one hand, we have toenails that we always find difficult to cut/file. It is useful that they grow less quickly, but the nails on the finger that grow less quickly are not so appreciated. Because how often does it happen that a nail breaks off and how nice is it that your nails grow quickly and the picture is beautiful again quickly. If not in winter, your nails grow slower. But we have found a solution, the activator for the nails is carried by several brands, of which Essence is one of them. It is a serum that you apply to the nails that stimulates growth and also prevents the nail from drying out, which can also happen in winter.

The weather in combination with head hair

Not only does hair grow less, the weather can also do all kinds of things to your hair. Think of moisture in the air that can easily turn your hair into a frizzy bunch. In the winter months, use an anti-frizz cream that you can apply after washing or use a styling product that prevents frizz. Many brands carry these products, some of them are John Frieda, Kerastase/Loreal, Studio Line/Loreal.

The stove/central heating

Oil on your skin

Strictly speaking, oil in a skin product is always good for dry skin. But in winter anyone can suffer from it. Strictly speaking, the cold is not to blame for this, but the heating inside that relieves us from the freezing cold. The old water bowls on the heater are really not an unnecessary luxury. The oil can be applied to your skin in the bath, shower or in a body lotion or body cream. Choose what you like. The oil-rich products are carried by many brands including Kneipp, The Body Shop, Nivea, Dove, Dior.

Lubricate lubricate lubricate…

Lubricating, well thought out of course, is never a bad thing, but in winter your skin will be a bit deficient due to our indoor solutions and then lubricating to keep the skin supple is always good. It is true that extra sensitive skin can also be affected by the cold. The cold can have a strong impact on the lips, the blood vessels are close to the thin skin and the change from cold outside to warm inside is often not good. And if the skin does not break, skin may form and people will start to pull again. Not convenient, not beautiful and it is not necessary.

Scrub your skin, use a special scrub for the lips and prevent skin from forming. After scrubbing, of course, apply it nicely. The substance is then absorbed extra well by the skin.


Protecting the body by using warm materials and heating up the heater indoors is fine. But remember that your body reacts to this. Using slightly different products for the winter will prevent a lot of discomfort.

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