Tips for preparing low-calorie meals

When losing weight, foods that are low in calories are extremely important. Vegetables, meat, poultry, fish and eggs. But how should I prepare these ingredients? Here you can read some tips for preparing low-calorie meals.


    • Boil the vegetables in a pan of water, in a steam kettle or in a pot.
    • Cook the vegetables with the adhering liquid in the microwave.
    • With white sauce (béchamel sauce) with cauliflower or leek, for example: Boil the vegetable sauce with semi-skimmed milk. Thicken with flour or corn flour dissolved in water. Let it boil. Season with pepper and nutmeg. Pour the white sauce over the cooked vegetables.
    • Stewing with onions, for example string beans: Let a chopped onion stew in a little fat over a low heat. If the onion starts to stick to the bottom of the pot, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of water. Continue to simmer until the onion is cooked. Mix the onion with the vegetables.
    • With tomato sauce, for example fennel, string beans: Stew an onion, as described above. Add sliced tomatoes and tomato paste. Season with pepper and possibly also with Provencal herbs. Lengthen the sauce with water if desired and thicken with flour or corn flour dissolved in water. Let it boil.
    • With sweetener, for example red cabbage: Boil the vegetables. Add the sweetener at the end of preparation. Then don’t let it cook anymore.
    • You can serve raw vegetables with a yoghurt or fresh cheese sauce, or a vinaigrette.

Meat, poultry

    • Roast or fry with a little fat in a non-stick pan. You can also grill or prepare the meat in the Römertopf.
    • Meat sauce: remove the meat from the pan, pour off the fat and add a new layer of oil to the pan. Add water to the deposited brown crusts and cook while stirring. Thicken with flour or corn flour dissolved in water. Let it boil for a while and add a low-fat stock cube if necessary.


    • Prepare without fat in aluminum foil or as a casserole with vegetables in the oven.
    • In the microwave.
    • Poaching.


    • Hard or soft boiled.
    • Fried with a little fat in a non-stick pan: Fried egg, omelette. Add finely chopped vegetables to the omelet: mushrooms, onion or tomato.

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