Relieve colds and flu with herbs

Winter is just around the corner and the flu and colds are on their way again. There are numerous remedies on the market that help relieve a cold. In general, steaming helps the best, because it clears your entire nose and allows you to breathe properly again.

Which herbs to use and what does it help with?

You can only steam with hot water, but there are also herbs that you can add to the water to get a better result. Below is an overview of the most helpful herbs.

    • Benzoin (resin) extract works against bronchitis, cough, laryngeal inflammation, sore throat and angina.
    • Bergamot works against colds and sore throats.
    • Chamomile works against colds, hay fever and sinusitis.
    • Cinnamon works against colds
    • Eucalyptus works against bronchitis, rhinitis, common cold, cough, hay fever, flu, sinusitis and angina.
    • Lavender works against bronchitis, colds, coughs, flu, sinusitis, sore throat and whooping cough.
    • Lemon works well for flu.
    • Marjoram works well for coughs.
    • Melissa works well for hay fever.
    • Myrrh works well for bronchitis.
    • Peppermint works against colds and sinusitis.
    • Scots pine works well against colds, hay fever and sinusitis.
    • Sandalwood works well for laryngeal inflammation.
    • Thyme works against bronchitis, cough, laryngeal inflammation, sinusitis, sore throat and angina.

If you are using fresh herbs for steaming, finely chop 25 grams to 50 grams of herbs, place in a large bowl and pour 500 ml to 600 ml of boiling water over it. With fresh herbs it is advisable to steam for 5 minutes twice a day.

If you do not use fresh herbs but essential oils when steaming, use 3 to 4 drops. Here too, steaming twice a day is best. If you use an essential oil, it is recommended not to steam for longer than 2 minutes.

While steaming, take a large towel and place it over the head and over the bowl. The steam causes the nasal passages to widen, allowing the constituents of the herbs to enter the bloodstream, thereby relieving the ailment.

If you have a bath

If you have a bathtub, it is wonderful to soak in it if you have the flu or a cold. A herbal bump can provide additional relief.


    • Dried chamomile
    • Dried lime blossom
    • Dried burdock herb
    • Dried elderflower
    • Dried borage

Preparation method

Pour 1.25 liters of water into a large pan and add 1 handful of chamomile, 1 handful of lime blossom and 1 handful of burdock. Add 1 handful of elderflower and 1 handful of borage and bring the mixture to the boil. Once it has boiled, close the pan with a lid and let this mixture simmer for 20 minutes. Pour the decoction through a sieve and press all the liquid from the herbs with the rounded side of a spoon. Then place the herbs in a double-layered piece of muslin, bring the corners of the cloth together and tie the bag closed with a string.

Fill the bath with water and hang the pouch halfway in the bath. When you are in the bath, use the pouch as a massage sponge over the entire body to allow the pouch to do its best work.

Other tips for a cold

In addition to these herbs, steaming with lemon can also achieve good results. To do this, use 2 lemons in 50 cl of water and steam over a plate, also with a towel over your head.

Tea also provides relief from colds. Make tea (herbal tea is best) and add half a lemon and 3 teaspoons of honey. Honey is known to soothe the throat. This tea can also be enjoyed by children, but do not give it to infants. There is a certain substance in honey that is not good for children under the age of 1.

If you want to have your child dry cleaned, be careful. The advice is not to have children under the age of 6 dry cleaned. This is done by using boiling hot water. If you want to have your child steamed, only do this when you are sitting next to them and keep a close eye on your child so that there is no contact between your child and the hot water.

Get enough rest, because sleep is always the best medicine for flu and colds

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